UWI-SPEC Half Marathon 2018
MiLAT congratulates these MiLAT Cadets who competed in the UWI-SPEC Half Marathon on 28 October, 2018.
The MiLAT Programme actively engages its Trainees and Cadets in various Physical Fitness and Sports activities in an effort to promote good physical and mental health and to instil brotherly camaraderie and healthy competition.
Help to Flood Victims
MiLAT Trainees recently lent a helping hand to flood victims by cleaning and clearing flooded properties and belongings.

The MiLAT Programme encourages its Trainees and Cadets to participate in Community Outreach and Community Service initiatives that help fellow citizens in need.
MiLAT Capping Ceremony 2018
We congratulate all the Trainees who were promoted to Cadet in our recent Capping Ceremony.

Trainees who have successfully completed a significant percentage of their academic work and MiLAT training are rewarded with a promotion to Cadet, and officially receive their MiLAT Caps (seen here).
Trainees Learn Drill
MiLAT Trainees are required to successfully complete Drill Training, where they learn all the details of Marching, and are eventually considered for participation in national March events like the Independence Day Parade.

To register for the programme, contact us at the number below for more information about the programme and future registration.
academic coursework &
certified instruction
for at-risk young men

MiLAT Cadets learn Mathematics, English Language, Physical Education, Life Skills, Computer Literacy, Human and Social Biology, Music, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies, Religious Instruction and Remedial Reading (if needed).

They also become certified and experienced in First Aid, CPR, Land Navigation, Survival Training, and more.

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Fun Activities and Training
As part of the MiLAT Academy's commitment to developing our Cadets' character, we organise fun activities, competitions, contests and training exercises to promote and encourage teamwork, healthy competition, brotherly camaraderie and physical fitness.

Our activities include outings to historical sites, Carnival Calypso and Ole Mas competitions, Football, Basketball and Cricket competitions and other Sport events, and Maritime training (seen here).

positive mentorship & academic achievement for young men
MiLAT is the ONLY social intervention programme in Trinidad and Tobago that specifically targets at-risk young men aged 16-20 years. We offer a secure environment, positive guidance, holistic development and experienced academic instruction. With our expertise, our Cadets will graduate as academically qualified and upstanding young men with a brighter future.
Join our team. Make a difference.
MiLAT is always on the lookout for talented, motivated individuals. Join our team of Defence Force staff, teachers, social workers, maintenance and IT employees. Make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of our nation's at-risk young men.

MiLAT: Positive Mentorship, Academic Instruction

  • Positive mentorship


    MiLAT provides a Safe, Structured and Regulated setting within which at-risk young men interact with Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force personnel and non-military professionals, benefit from positive mentorship and reinforcement, and receive assistance rebuilding their ambitions, hopes and dreams.


    MiLAT's ultimate goal is to help our Cadets: (i) Develop a Positive Character, (ii) Learn and enhance their Vocational and para-military Training Skills, and (iii) Attain their Academic Certification in an alternative environment, in order to improve their chances of attaining a better quality of life.

  • Academic Instruction


    During their 2-year tenure at MiLAT, Cadets attend classes and receive instruction in the following academic subjects:
    Mathematics, English Language, Physical Education, Life Skills, Computer Studies, Human and Social Biology, Music, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies, Religious Instruction and Remedial Reading (if needed).


    Cadets are also introduced to a para-military curriculum of:
    Foot Drill, Physical Training, First Aid, Land Navigation, CPR, Survival Training, and Life Saving.


    In the event that additional training is needed at any professional institutions or organisations, transport is provided by the MiLAT Academy.


    Character Development


    In addition to attending classes, Cadets must participate in ONE activity for a prescribed number of hours each academic year, as determined by MiLAT staff members. The activity may be any of the following:
    (i) Community Service,
    (ii) Environmental Maintenance,
    (iii) Culinary Duties,
    (iv) Agriculture, or
    (v) Pisciculture.

MiLAT Registration Guidelines

To ensure that you successfully register with the MiLAT Academy, please follow our guidelines.
To register with MiLAT, you must have completed AT LEAST 3 YEARS OF SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION.

  • 1. Get your documents

    Four (4) passport photographs of yourself.
    One (1) copy of your Parent or Guardian’s valid Trinidad and Tobago Identification card.
    One (1) copy of your valid Trinidad and Tobago Birth Certificate.
    One (1) copy of your Immunization Card.
    One (1) valid Transcript from your last secondary school.

  • 2. Print and fill out the forms

    Get the application form here. The medical section of this form must be filled out by your physician.


    Get the Behavioural Matrix Form here. This form must be filled out by your last secondary school.

  • 3. Drop off your Package

    Be sure you have all your documents, you and your physician completed your Application Form, and your last secondary school completed your Behavioural Matrix form.


    Put all your forms, documents and photos in an envelope and drop it off at

    The Old Teachers' Training College
    Mausica Road, Mausica
    (about 1/4 mile after the Arawak compound, south of the Churchill Roosevelt highway).

  • Foot Drill Tips

    As a MiLAT Cadet learning foot drill, you will develop discipline, pride, teamwork, and respect for your Officers and those in authority.

    Click here to read more.

  • Grooming Tips

    When you become a MiLAT Cadet, you will learn to take pride in your appearance and maintain proper grooming at all times.

    Click here to read more.

  • Study Tips

    As a MiLAT Cadet, you will learn to:
    1. Create an effective study schedule.
    2. Work on projects and essays, and study for exams efficiently.
    3. Read class material ahead of time.

    Click here to read more.


The Military-Led Academic Training Academy is the only social intervention programme that is specifically designed to help at-risk young men aged 16-20 years.

Take the first step. Register with MiLAT today.

If you have any questions or concerns, stop by, give us a call, or send us an email.