“Always remember that your choices have consequences.
You have all made the right choice through this programme;
this is why today you are able to reap the benefits of success.”

Minister of National Security
Major General (Ret'd) The Honourable Edmund Dillon
23 June, 2018

MiLAT Registration Guidelines

To ensure that you successfully register with the MiLAT Academy, please follow our guidelines below.

To register with MiLAT, you must have completed AT LEAST 3 YEARS OF SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION.

  • 1. Get your documents

    Four (4) passport photographs of yourself.
    One (1) copy of your Parent or Guardian’s valid Trinidad and Tobago Identification card.
    One (1) copy of your valid Trinidad and Tobago Birth Certificate.
    One (1) copy of your Immunization Card.
    One (1) valid Transcript from your last secondary school.

  • 2. Print and fill out the forms

    Get the application form here. The medical section of this form must be filled out by your physician.


    Get the Behavioural Matrix Form here. This form must be filled out by your last secondary school.

  • 3. Drop off your Package

    Be sure you have all your documents, you and your physician completed your Application Form, and your last secondary school completed your Behavioural Matrix form.


    Put all your forms, documents and photos in an envelope and drop it off at the MiLAT compound, located at:

    The Old Teachers' Training College
    Mausica Road, Mausica
    (about 1/4 mile after the Arawak compound, south of the highway).