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MiLAT is inviting applicants for the position of TEACHER 111 (SECONDARY) in Mathematics.
Interested candidates are to submit a letter of interest, current Police Certificate of Character, and Curriculum Vitae to
the Human Resources Manager, MiLAT Academy, Old Teachers' Training College, Mausica Road, D'Abadie by 27 December, 2017.
Call 868-646-4528 ext. 1008 or email milathr@gov.tt for more information.

If you want to inspire our Cadets, if you want them to one day say, "Because of you, I didn't give up," give us a call.

Call 646-3728 or 642-6068 today

Three ways you'll make a difference

  • Meaningful Relationships

    Our Cadets needs mentors to create and maintain meaningful relationships that guide, help and support them.


    When you join our team, you'll work with us to develop and sustain meaningful relationships with our Cadets, and actively improve their attitudes, confidence and general outlook.

  • Positive Guidance

    You'll enable us to help our Cadets form realistic and reachable personal, academic and career goals, and support them as they find and navigate the paths to achieve those goals.

  • Supportive Engagement

    You'll help us engage and connect with our Cadets when you help organise and participate in activities that enable them to (i) make positive contributions and receive positive recognition, (ii) foster and encourage teamwork, and (iii) learn valuable new skills.

Staff Positions

  • Professional Staff

    Under the mandate of the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago, the MiLAT Academy's core staff are active and retired members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF).


    Defence Force personnel are responsible for the Academy's security, military curriculum, transport and supplies, and general maintenance and upkeep of our facility.


    The MiLAT Academy also employs non-TTDF staff, who are responsible for providing counselling, academic education, IT and non-military support.


    Our staff positions include a Programme Director (currently Major C. Richardson, TTDF), Programme Instructors (TTDF), Teachers, Support Staff, and Contractual Staff (Counsellors, Help Desk Personnel, Net Support Technicians, etc.).

  • Junior Staff - ATCs

    One unique feature of the MiLAT Academy is the employment of successful graduates from our sister organisation, the Civilian Conservation Corps, as Junior Team Commanders (JTC's) and Assistant Team Commanders (ATC's).


    ATC's are under the direct supervision of Supervisors/Heads of Departments, and are responsible for assisting them in carrying out their functions, or as otherwise detailed. They are hired for a period of 2 years, and may be retained for an additional 2 years, or promoted to JTC's, if they demonstrate exemplary performance of their duties.


    Assistant Team Commanders must (i) have graduated from the Civilian Conservation Corps; (ii) be physically fit; (iii) demonstrate good leadership qualities, work ethic, interpersonal and communication skills, as confirmed by their superiors; and (iv) personify mutual respect, discipline, integrity, service, and professionalism.

  • Junior Staff - JTCs

    JTC's are also under the direct supervision of Supervisors/Heads of Departments, and are responsible for (i) performing any administrative tasks given, and (ii) assisting in supervising co-workers when called upon to do so. They are hired for a period not exceeding 2 calendar years or on attaining the age of 30 years, and are evaluated every 6 months.


    Junior Team Commanders must (i) have at least two (2) years of experience as an Assistant Team Commander; (ii) be physically fit; (iii) demonstrate a high level of maturity, consistent application to duty, good management and leadership skills, good interpersonal skills, and good communication skills, as confirmed by their superiors; (iv) fully adhere to and personify mutual respect, discipline, integrity, service, and professionalism.

Do you want to help improve the lives of at-risk young men in Trinidad and Tobago?

Join the MiLAT team, make a difference.

If you prefer, you can visit our facility or send us an email.